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Sparkdown Bundle

A simple bundle to provide Markdown and Markdown Extra functions.

Links and image URLs are passed through Laravel\URL::to and Larave\URL::to_asset.


Install via the Artisan CLI:

php artisan bundle:install sparkdown

Or download the zip and unpack into your bundles directory.

Bundle Registration

Just add 'sparkdown' to your application/bundles.php file.


Parse some text

Start the bundle and use Sparkdown\Markdown

echo Sparkdown\Markdown($text);

View a markdown file

You can create Sparkdown\View objects, like Laravel\View objects

Router::register('GET /about', function()
	// View of application/views/
	return Sparkdown\View::make('about');

	// Also supports bundles and paths...
	// View of bundles/bundle/views/path/
	return Sparkdown\View::make('bundle::path.file');

And you can route to the handy controller (needs 1 parameter).

Route::get('(about)', 'sparkdown::page@show');