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SyntaxHighlighter Bundle

A SyntaxHighlighter bundle for Laravel.


Install and publish via the Artian CLI:

php artisan bundle:install syntaxhighlighter
php artisan bundle:publish syntaxhighlighter

Or download the zip and unpack into your bundles directory, and copy the public files in to public/bundles/syntaxhighlighter.

Bundle Registration

You need to register SyntaxHighlighter with your application before you can use it. Simply edit application/bundles.php and add the following to the array:

'topos' => array(
    'autoloads' => array(
        'map' => array(
            'Topos\\Menu' => '(:bundle)/menu.php',

Alternatively you can just add 'syntaxhighlighter' and use Bundle::start('syntaxhighlighter') each time before you want to highlight.


Start the bundle and highlight some code:

echo SyntaxHighlighter::highlight($code, 'html');

You’ll also need to output the scripts from the ‘footer’ asset container somewhere (like the end of your layout):

echo Asset::container('footer')->scripts();


You can change the default style and language in the config/default.php. If you add any new brushes you can configure them in config/brush.php.